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Report on the USFA Scholarship Fund 2010 – 2011 Academic Year

The USFA Scholarship was established in 2004. Each year scholarship awards are made to eligible students of USFA Faculty members. The University of Saskatchewan makes an annual contribution to the fund of $250,000. In 2010/2011 a record number of 208 applications were received. Of these applicants, 196 students were eligible for partial tuition reimbursement. For […]

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Reduced Appointment Plan (Article 13.2.3)

One long-standing feature of the Collective Agreement has been the Reduced Appointment Plan (RAP), which allows faculty members over 55 with at least 10 years of service to gradually downsize their careers by reducing to part-time without a corresponding reduction in benefits. The Collective Agreement states “[e]mployees who wish to participate in the Reduced Appointment […]

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