The Peter C. Dooley Legacy Award

This award is intended to recognize and celebrate champions of collegial self-governance and to ensure that the role Peter Dooley played as such a champion in making the USFA what it is today is not forgotten. The Dooley Award is given to a person, persons or an organization who has, through a long-term, cumulative contribution or a single, particularly important event or action, championed collegial decision-making and collegial self-governance in Canada.

Past recipients of the Peter C. Dooley Legacy Award include:

  • Dr. Don Hamilton, Professor Emeritus, U of S
  • Drs. Tom Wilson, Vern Bennett, Marcel D’eon and Claire Card, U of S
  • Dr. James Turk, Executive Director CAUT (Retired)
  • Dr. Joan Sawatzky, Professor Emerita, U of S
  • Dr. Howard Woodhouse, U of S
  • Dr. Jay Kalra, U of S
  • University of Manitoba Faculty Association

The Peter T. Millard Award

The Millard Award is meant to provide a means for USFA members to acknowledge and recognize other USFA members who, through their activism and involvement in the USFA and with the administration of the Collective Agreement, have been champions for and on behalf of USFA members and faculty at the University of Saskatchewan. The Millard Award is given to individuals who have assisted and/or supported a USFA member or members, or faculty generally. This assistance and support could be a long-term, cumulative contribution or a single, particularly important event or action.

Past recipients of the Millard Award include:

  • Richard Julien, Religion & Culture
  • Bob Lucas, Professor Emeritus, Economics
  • Luis Buatois, Geological Sciences
  • Chris Adams, Library
  • Lee Murray, Nursing

The USFA Academic Freedom Award

This Award is intended to recognize distinguished contributions to understanding and defending Academic Freedom – the freedom of faculty members to teach or communicate ideas or facts without being targeted for repression, job loss, or imprisonment. The USFA Academic Freedom Award is given to a person, persons or organization who has contributed to the understanding and advancement of the concept of academic freedom at the University of Saskatchewan or elsewhere in Canada through the promotion, defence or exercise of academic freedom.

Past recipients of the USFA Academic Freedom Award include:

  • James Turk, Executive Director (Ret.), Canadian Association of University Teachers
  • Gavin Gardner, President USSU, and Jonathan Anuik, President GSA, U of S
  • Michael Hayden, Professor Emeritus, U of S
  • Linda McMullen, Department of Psychology, U of S
  • Howard Woodhouse, Department of Educational Foundations, U of S
  • Len Findlay, Department of English, U of S
  • Richard Julien, Professor, Department of Religion and Culture, U of S
  • Nancy Olivieri, Professor, University of Toronto
  • Penni Stewart, Associate Professor, York University
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