Faculty Association Representatives (FARs)

FARs are appointed by the Executive Committee to represent and to serve as a liaison between members of the departmental (or non-departmentalized Colleges) units and the Executive Committee. Each unit should have a representative.   One important role is to ensure that correct procedures are carried out in department committees or in other collegial processes covered in the Collective Agreement.   Another is to pass on views and suggestions about what matters should be included in the future negotiations. Find your FAR below.

Agriculture & Bioresources Animal & Poultry Science VACANT
Agricultural & Bioresource Economics James Nolan
Food and Bioproduct Sciences VACANT
Plant Sciences Sabine Banniza
Soil Science Derek Peak
Arts & Science Archaeology & Anthropology Jim Waldram
Art & Art History Jennifer Crane
Biology Doug Chivers
Chemistry Michel Gravel
Computer Science Chris Dutchyn
Economics Jingang Zhao
English Ludmilla Voitkovska
Geography & Planning Robert Patrick
Geological Sciences Brian Pratt
History Mark Meyers
Indigenous Studies Sarah Nickel
Languages, Literatures & Cultural Studies Julio Torres-Recinos
Mathematics & Statistics Jiun-Chau Wang
Music Glen Gillis
Philosophy Sarah Hoffman
Physics & Engineering Physics Lenaic Couedel
Political Studies Maggie Fitzgerald
Psychology & Health Studies Janeen Loehr
Linguistics & Religious Studies Jesse Stewart
Sociology Liz Quinlan
Dentistry VACANT
Education Curriculum Studies Paula MacDowell
Education Administration Michael Cottrell
Educational Foundations VACANT
Educational Psychology and Special Education Laureen McIntyre
Edwards School of Business Accounting VACANT
Finance and Management Science Fan Yang
Human Resources & Organizational Behaviour VACANT
Management & Marketing David Di Zhang
Engineering Chemical & Biological Engineering Bishnu Acharya
Civil & Geological Engineering VACANT
Electrical and Computer Engineering Aaryan Mehr
Mechanical Engineering Jerzy Szpunar
School of Professional Development Burton Urquart
School of Environment & Sustainability Karl-Erich Lindenschmidt

Paul Jones

Kinesiology VACANT
Library Erin Watson
Medicine Anatomy Physiology & Pharmacology Joseph Ndisang
Greg Sawicki
Biochemistry, Microbiology & Immunology Erique Lukong
Community Health and Epidemiology VACANT
Family Medicine Greg Malin
Medical Imaging VACANT
Medicine John Gjevre
Pathology and Laboratory Medicine Jay Kalra
School of Rehabilitation Science Soo Kim
Psychiatry Darrell Mousseau
Surgery Francisco Cayabyab
Nursing Regine Gerow-Scissons
Pharmacy & Nutrition Gordon Zello
Jason Perepelkin
School of Public Health Alexander Crizzle
School of Public Policy Haizhen Mou
Veterinary Medicine Veterinary Biomedical Sciences Maud Ferrari
Small Animal Clinical Sciences Dennilyn Parker
Large Animal Clinical Sciences Julia Montgomery
Veterinary Microbiology Emily Jenkins
Veterinary Pathology Bruce Wobeser


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