What Should You Do if You Have a Problem?

Contact Us as Soon as Possible!

The sooner the USFA is aware of the problem, the better. The USFA has experienced Grievance Officers and staff to assist you, and many problems can be avoided altogether or resolved relatively easily if action is taken quickly. The Collective Agreement sets out specific time lines for the grievance process, so if action in the form of a grievance is required it must be timely.

Call the USFA at 306.966.5609 or email

Read Your Collective Agreement

The joint agreement between the USFA and the University of Saskatchewan details your responsibilities and rights, and many questions can be answered easily by referring to this document.

Consult Us Before Responding

If you receive any kind of verbal or written communication on any topic concerning your terms and conditions of employment, consult us before you respond. This includes communication such as disciplinary letters, verbal reprimands or requests for clarification of tenure or promotion materials.

If you receive a negative decision in any of the collegial processes, contact the USFA immediately. We can guide you through the appeal process.

Frequently resolutions involve putting something in writing (for example, a letter to a dean or department head). If this route seems appropriate, we strongly advise you to show the USFA a draft of any such statement. The success or failure of these letters (i.e., whether they accomplish what you want) depends upon their wording. Angry letters, while undoubtedly cathartic, are almost never productive. The USFA can help you make such communications more effective.

Contact the USFA office with any questions.

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