The USFA is the certified bargaining agent for full-time academic employees at the University of Saskatchewan. It is responsible for negotiating terms and conditions of employment for USFA members, including salary, benefits, and collegial processes.

Our current Collective Agreement expires on June 30, 2022.

Meet your Negotiating Committee.

Negotiations Update: October  26, 2017 Fall General Meeting

Negotiations for a new Collective Agreement got underway during the summer. A Negotiations Report was given by USFA Chief Negotiator at the Fall General Meeting. Read it here.

Negotiations Update: March 5, 2018 Where are we now?

Since last June we have met with the Employer on 16 separate dates, and have scheduled 10 more between now and June. [Read more here.]

Negotiations Update: March 5, 2018 On authority and governance at the U of S

The Employer has proposed changes to Article 3 (Management Rights). This seems to arise from a key interest for the Employer in this round of negotiations,… [Read the full update here.]

Negotiations Update: March 6, 2018 The College of Medicine

At the outset of this round of negotiations, the USFA requested information from the Employer (in August and then in October) for the purposes of negotiating outstanding issues concerning the College of Medicine,… [Read the full update here.]

Negotiations Update: January 2, 2019

To our USFA colleagues, happy new year and best wishes for the coming year!

With the beginning of the winter term, we are setting up more meetings with the Employer. We continue to work toward conclusion of a prolonged, and occasionally contentious, process. Since we began negotiations with the Employer in July 2017, many of our discussions have proved difficult and complex, and often frustrating since a number of the issues we have raised are getting little traction at the table. Nevertheless, we have made progress…. [Read the full update here.]

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