Survey of Workers’ Experiences During a Pandemic

CAUT, along with researchers and other unions, worked with the Occupational Health Clinics for Ontario Workers to develop a survey on COVID-19 workplace experiences. Data collected from this survey will help with focused and accurate approaches to workplace health and safety and general working conditions during this pandemic. We encourage you to participate

This survey is designed to learn about your experiences as a worker during a pandemic.

The survey was put together by the Occupational Health Clinics for Ontario Workers (OHCOW), with help from researchers at the Institute of Work & Health and Duke University in North Carolina. Researchers also had input from a number of health and safety union staff representatives, who told them about the concerns and questions their members have.

To access the survey please follow this link:

During the pilot study, about half of the respondents took less than 20-25 minutes to complete the survey (the shortest time was 10 minutes). Those who went through the survey slowly and provided thoughtful comments took up to half an hour.

If you feel uncomfortable answering a question, skip it. All the information collected in this survey is confidential. Only the researchers directly involved in this project will see all the answers. The team will not keep any information that could identify you or others. All the data collected will be stored on a secure server.

Researchers intend to use the data collected for research and to share with research organizations. The data, analysis and related information may be used in presentations, websites, and union, trade, and academic publications.

If you have questions, please contact John Oudyk at

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