The Association is in a good position

At the recent AGM, after Senior Grievance Office Patricia Farnese reported despite unprecedented numbers of arbitrations, some members asked whether this is an attempt to strain the resources of the Association. Secretary-Treasurer Susan Fowler-Kerry reported that USFA remains in a good financial decision.

Almost thirty years ago, the membership of USFA voted to establish a Contingency Trust Fund (CTF) to take care of unanticipated circumstances such as strikes and costly arbitrations. Presently, the interest from the CTF is used to pay the membership premium for the larger CAUT Defence Fund.

Having said that, the Association’s greatest asset for preserving academic freedom and collegiality remains the willingness of our members to be vigilant that our processes are being followed. As reported by Vice-Chair Erika Dyck, members continue to step up to serve on a variety of Association committees.