Reminder: Semi-monthly pay as of January 1

The university is moving to semi-monthly pay for all faculty and staff starting January 1, 2018.

This move is for compliance with provincial labour legislation.

Every month will be divided into two pay periods. First period will be from the 1st – 15th with salary payment on the 15th for salaried employees and on the 21st for hourly-paid employees. Second period will be from the 16th – the end of the month, with salary payment at the end of the month for salaried employees and on the 6th of the succeeding month for hourly-paid employees.

This payroll change may mean you need to adjust the timing of automatic withdrawals for payments such as a mortgage, bill or loan payment. It’s a good idea to review your budget, expenses and financial obligations. Contact your financial institution and other related businesses before the end of December to make adjustments and ensure any automatic withdrawals align with the new semi-monthly pay dates.

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