Grievance load soaring

At our Annual General Meeting, Senior Grievance Office Patricia Farnese reporting on behalf of the Association Grievance Committee (AGC) said that the number of grievances the Association is dealing with has been unprecedented.

Some highlights from her report:

For the second time, a member of Senior Administration was found to have discriminated or retaliated against a faculty member, and, to our knowledge, no remedial action was taken against the Senior Administrator. The AGC is questioning the accountability of Senior Administrators for actions against our members that violate the collective agreement and/or university policy.

She remarked that the Grievance team has become frustrated by offers to settle that remain unanswered for months, or in the 11th hour when the Employer’s solicitor initiates an offer to settle, by which time significant legal bills have accumulated for both sides.

Members ask, “How can I help?” Naturally, we encourage participation in all USFA committees; you can contribute by just attending collegial meetings and ensuring that procedure is followed. Feel welcome to contact the Faculty Association for advice and details – you just have to reply to this email.