How quickly we forget what it’s like to be a new faculty member

For close to a decade now the USFA has hosted events for faculty in the first few years of their appointment at the U of S. Getting to meet new members and hear from them about their views on our workplace is an enriching experience.

Each year, while the information we provide can seem quite similar, our new members bring to it a fresh perspective. It makes us think back to what it was like when we were in their shoes. Was it different for us? How did we raise matters of concern with our colleagues? When should we have asked questions? What if our opinion differed those of other department members?

For those of us who are not so new to the USFA, it’s important to ensure there is an environment in which our new colleagues can pose questions and raise concerns. Make a point of asking new members for their views, encourage them to participate in discussions and consider what they have to say. Remember what it was like to be a new faculty member and use your experiences to help inform how you positively shape those of our new colleagues.

Thank you to all of our new members who were able to join us for lunch this year. We look forward to seeing you again at other USFA events.