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USFA e-Letter: Actions not words

We are pleased that the announcement from the Board of Governors about the change in leadership stated “in the strongest possible terms, that the University of Saskatchewan is committed to the principles of academic freedom and freedom of expression. It would also like to stress that it believes that tenure is a sacrosanct principle within […]

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USFA e-Letter: Silence of the Board

The fact that the Board of Governors remains silent on their decision to delegate veto power over tenure and promotion decisions to the President is a sign of failed leadership. Two of our members have received a positive recommendation for tenure by the appropriate collegial bodies on campus and are awaiting a tenure decision by […]

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USFA e-letter: Make no mistake, Academic Freedom and Tenure are Under Attack at the University of Saskatchewan

Notwithstanding the very public and powerful words last week from President Ilene Busch-Vishniac about the importance of tenure and academic freedom after reversing the decision to strip Professor Robert Buckingham of his tenure, there are clear indications that the tenure process at the University of Saskatchewan is under full attack. Despite assurances by the President […]

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