Student Abuse of Faculty Questionnaire: What we heard from you

Thank you to everyone who responded to our questionnaire regarding student abuse of faculty. We received 193 responses (nearly 25% of the faculty complement). You can view the results in a graphic format here.

Just over two-thirds of respondents told us they have experienced abuse from current or former students with most abuse (75%) taking the form of comments in teaching evaluations. Just over one-half (53%) of student abuse is in the form of personal emails with slightly less than one-half (46%) in the form of disruptive behaviour in the classroom, and 40% in the form of online posts to websites and through social media.

When it comes to the nature of student abuse faculty experienced, we heard that 30% was discriminatory, 67% was questioning the expertise of faculty and 64% was personal attacks. Other forms experienced by respondents, 43%, included sexual harassment, threats and aggressive behaviour, false accusations, and group confrontations. Most of the abuse experienced is recent (43%) and in the last couple of years (36%), while 20% was a long time ago.

Respondents told us that most of the abuse ended when the class ended (60%) and 18% ended when the student graduated. Alarmingly, almost 25% continues.

Nearly 70% of the responders left valuable comments with examples of personal experience and many suggestions.

Many respondents expressed interest in participating in discussions on the topic of student abuse of faculty. We are in the process of setting those up and will be reaching out to members who provided email addresses.

Thanks again for your participation and suggestions.