STF Job Action – How you can support STF members

As part of its ongoing efforts to reach a new collective agreement that holds the provincial government accountable for fixing the problems in schools, the Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation (STF) has announced it is implementing rotating strikes.

The USFA stands in solidarity with STF’s efforts to reach a settlement that includes provisions to address critical issues impacting students and raising serious concerns among teachers and parents.

You can support STF members by:

  • Walking the picket line with STF members. If you are in one of the communities where strikes are taking place, join STF members on the picket line on your lunch break or in your free time.
  • Registering for Advocacy Day. Coinciding with Thursday’s job action, an Advocacy Day will also take place to help put pressure on government to return to the table, ready to negotiate on class size and complexity.
  • Signing up for Tell Them Tuesday. Join teachers, parents and concerned citizens in advocating weekly for high-quality public schools in Saskatchewan.
  • Signing up for updates. Hear about the issues directly from STF.

Only the Government of Saskatchewan can address the chronic underfunding causing a significant lack of professional resources and supports for students, large class sizes and violence in the classroom. The provincial government needs to go back to the bargaining table with a mandate to discuss the learning conditions of Saskatchewan children, which are the working conditions of Saskatchewan Teachers.