Response to Caregiving Demands Letter

We received many responses to the Caregiving Demands e-Letter circulated to members last week. Faculty members have written about their concerns about equity for caregivers in various collegial processes in the future, such as tenure, promotion, and salary review, the lack of acknowledgement from the University of the stress on faculty, the additional stress of homeschooling children, distractions at home, and burnout. Faculty also wrote about the significant strain of caring for family members who have special needs or are in poor health. 

In addition, they raised concerns that affect all our members, such as the implementation of an ill-timed policy that limits faculty’s ability to purchase and use certain software, or to purchase equipment for use at home just when they are facing the difficult task of redesigning their classes for remote delivery and attempting to carry on their research projects and administrative work remotely.

This is having a tremendous effect on faculty. You are all front-line workers who are continuing to provide education to students and execute the work of the University. 

The USFA thanks you for your input and has heard your concerns. We will be putting this forward to the Employer.