Supporting others during the pandemic

Since the state of emergency was declared, USFA has received several appeals from organizations and messages from our members suggesting that that USFA support students and others during the pandemic. At its last meeting, the USFA executive approved two motions to donate to the Saskatoon Community Response to COVID-19 and the Nassar Emergency Student Trust.

We encourage members to consider making those affected by COVID-19 part of their giving. Labour organizations in Saskatoon are working in partnership with the United Way and 120 local service agencies have come together to create the Saskatoon Community Response to COVID-19. The goal of this Community Response Fund is to ensure agencies on the ground can continue their critical work during this public health crisis. The fund will support vulnerable populations at greatest risk including the elderly, those experiencing mental health and addiction issues, persons with disabilities, people experiencing homelessness, and newcomers to our community. For details on how to contribute to this partnership, check the United Way’s website or contact Andrea Howe, Associate Director, Labour Partnerships at 306-380-6114. Alternately, you may wish to consider making a gift to the Nasser Family Emergency Student Trust, which will help students return home, purchase the necessary equipment to complete their studies remotely as well as cover the basic necessities of life.