CV Formats for collegial processes

Recently, questions have arisen about CV formats for collegial processes. Should the 29 point version (current) or the 24 point version (revised) be used?

The website for the Vice-Provost Faculty Relations includes the statement:

The university is transitioning to a new Standardized CV format. It is anticipated that the transition of received CVs to UnivRS will be completed by summer 2017. This is an estimated time frame and is based on a number of variables; we will continue to provide updates on the progress. Faculty are not expected to use the new revised U of S Standardized CV format and revised Forms 1 and 2 until the transition is complete and suggested improvements are implemented.”

CV formats were discussed at the June meeting of the Joint Committee for Management of the Agreement. The USFA noted members experienced problems with transition to UnivRS. The Employer acknowledged transition problems and stated that either format is acceptable.