A Competitive Compensation Package

Those reading Academica’s Top Ten, especially in combination with local messaging, may have noticed mixed messages as regards attitudes towards faculty compensation.

Recently, Academica’s Top Ten cited a Star-Phoenix report that “Despite its recent fiscal challenges and what a recent report described as the erosion of Canada’s research competitiveness, the University of Saskatchewan is ‘punching above its weight,’ according to the country’s parliamentary secretary for science.”

This discussion coincides with discussions of rollbacks, and tough negotiating environments across the country.

Not long ago, U of S employees looked enviously at the compensation packages at Brandon and Lethbridge. During much of the decade preceding 2014, USFA and the University negotiated a series of agreements that significantly improved the package, making the University of Saskatchewan a strong competitor in the recruitment and retention market, where competition is international. Though the U of S has special challenges in this respect, it is the intention of USFA to ensure our faculty compensation package maintains its competitivity.