Avoiding Publishing and Perishing! Beware of Predatory Journals

Faculty members getting ready for tenure and promotion are under pressure to publish their research and scholarly work. According to the University Standards, candidates for tenure and promotion are required to demonstrate, through publications in reputable, peer reviewed outlets that the results of their research have made a contribution to the field of specialization, sufficient for this contribution to be recognized as substantial by authorities in the field.

With the recent proliferation of on-line journals, determining what is a reputable publishing venue can be difficult. Avoiding predatory publishers in the search for quality publication venues is critical to the success of faculty members.

Fortunately, two of our faculty members in the University Library, Maha Kumaran, Health Sciences Librarian and DeDe Dawson, Science Liaison Librarian, have created a guide to assist faculty and researchers in avoiding predatory publishers.

The Predatory Publishers guide can be found at: http://libguides.usask.ca/predatorypublishers