Important Notice: Rally March 8, Provincial Legislature

On March 8 at noon there will be a rally at the Provincial Legislature. We need you to attend. The USFA is willing to help transport members and members of our university community to Regina for the rally.

This rally is an opportunity for people from across the province to come together before the budget is delivered to let our government know that maintaining investment in health, education and social services is necessary and important to our students, to us, to our communities and to our future.

Funding cuts will hurt anyone relying on provincial funding to deliver services – municipalities, school boards, health care and universities, and anyone receiving these services. What will front line health care be like with 4,900 fewer workers? What will our province be like with layoffs in education and reduced services to vulnerable people? What will our universities be like with continued underfunding?

There is an expectation that public sector workers, which includes us, should sacrifice to balance the budget even though public employees have not been a major contributor to rising government expenditures. (Government to blame for the deficit crisis, Saskatoon StarPhoenix, Feb. 13, 2017)

We need you to attend the rally, we need you to bring your family and friends, and we need you to encourage your colleagues and your students to attend. Our government needs to see the people who will be impacted by the way it is choosing to cut, and that includes those of us in the U of S community.

To help us with transportation plans, please let us know before Friday (Feb 17) how many seats you will need.