Dr. Nancy Olivieri and Peter Barnacle to speak at Academic Freedom Event 3:30 April 22, Arts 241

On April 22, USFA is hosting an academic freedom event in the Neatby-Timlin Theatre (Arts 241): Notwithstanding the Wall: The Peoples’ University Shall Survive & Thrive.

The University of Saskatchewan is still feeling aftershocks from the tumultuous events of the past year. Among other troubling developments, academic freedom on this campus was under threat and it took a great deal of effort from many quarters to make sure it wasn’t undermined. The USFA continues to cultivate an environment free from fear of reprisal for voicing divergent or dissenting views. Without academic freedom researchers and scholars would not have the autonomy to discover, to question, and to debate, and the important role of universities in our society would be compromised.

Opening remarks will be delivered at 3:30 p.m. by Dr. Nancy Olivieri, renowned clinical researcher and advocate of academic freedom, who fought corporate pressure against disclosing or publishing her research results. There will be a keynote address from Peter Barnacle, a Co-Counsel in the Supreme Court of Canada Saskatchewan Federation of Labour v. Saskatchewan case and recognized authority on international labour law and human justice, followed by a panel entitled “Academic Freedom and Collegial Governance in Higher Education in Canada.”

Please join us at this important event.