Learn more about the Pay Inequity Balancing Fund at the USFA Spring General Meeting on Friday, April 24

Today is “Equal Pay Day” in Canada according to the latest Perry Work Report (Equal Pay Coalition). The date indicates how far into the new year a woman, on average, must work to earn the same amount made by a man the previous year.


At the U of S, the recognition of discrepancies in faculty salaries based on gender, and the commitment to address this problem, was formally established in the Collective Agreement in 2003. We were determined to address this issue once again in our most recent round of negotiations, and along with bargaining for a number of family-friendly provisions, we discussed a renewed commitment to address pay equity.


Although these negotiations were dominated by the urgent issue of the presidential veto, we were pleased to arrive at an agreement wherein the employer agreed to distribute 400 base budget Career Development Increases amongst female employees in recognition of past and present pay inequities. Distribution of these increments is being determined by a joint committee of the Employer and the USFA, and based on analysis of pay inequities at the U of S.


To learn more about this analysis and proposed distribution of CDI’s, please join us at the Spring General Meeting:  Friday, April 24th at 2:30 p.m. in Arts 241, Neatby-Timlin Theatre.