When to go for tenure or promotion

You can elect to go for tenure or promotion in any year if you believe you have met the standards. The applicable standards may seem less than clear, however, and it may be difficult to gauge how strong your case is, especially when the process involves some subjective assessments of the value of your contributions.

First, be sure you know which standards apply to you.

For example, if you are in a department without standards, the college standards will apply. If your department has approved Standards for Tenure and Promotion, the Collective Agreement is clear that where they differ from college standards, the department standards take precedence. Likewise, college standards take precedence over university standards. Department standards must be at least as stringent as college standards, but the guiding principle is that the unit best understands the local academic culture.

New in the 2014-17 Collective Agreement for tenure cases, the standards in effect at the time of your appointment apply, unless you choose to have standards that came into effect after your appointment apply. For promotion, the most recent standards apply.

If you are planning to go forward for renewal, tenure or promotion this fall, consider joining USFA representatives at the University Club in the Club Room from11:30 to 1:30 April 14 or 15 to talk about the process. Lunch will be provided, so please reply to this email or contact Tammy Stieb at 306-966-5609 or tammy.stieb@usask.ca if you are interested in attending.  You can also reply to this email with questions about tenure and promotion and someone will get in touch with you.