Teaching in only two terms per year

By now many of you know your assignment of Duties for 2015-16. The Collective Agreement provides that departments will have this process wrapped up by yesterday with Deans in departmentalized colleges approving assignments by the end of April.

There are new provisions for the assignment of teaching duties in the

2014-17 Collective Agreement. All faculty members are entitled to an annual non-teaching term, including term faculty. A non-teaching term is not a term off as faculty are required to perform duties on a 12-month basis, unless specified otherwise in the letter of appointment.


The Agreement defines three terms: T1 (Fall), T2 (Winter), and T3 (spring/summer). You cannot be assigned to teach in all three terms except by mutual agreement, and you cannot be required to teach in T3 more than once in a period spanning three consecutive academic years.


The non-teaching term (typically T3) is intended to give faculty the opportunity to perform scholarly work. This includes research, or (for those with term appointments or heavy teaching assignments) preparation and updating of classes, and maintaining currency in their areas of expertise. This is also the term when vacation is normally taken.


You may agree to teach during your non-teaching term. In that case you will receive extra compensation of $5,500 for a 3 credit unit course (Article 18.5.1) or your teaching will be reduced at other times during the year.


You may also agree to distribute your normal teaching assignment over three terms but such a distribution cannot be required.


If you have questions about new assignment of duties provisions in the Collective Agreement or about the process generally, simply reply to this email and someone will contact you.