CAUT Equity Networks

A central part of CAUT’s new equity structure is the creation of networks designed to provide an opportunity for members of marginalized groups from all associations across the country to participate in providing advice to CAUT on its equity work and to advance equity work in local associations.

The four are:

Network of Academic Staff with Disabilities;

Network of Racialized Academic Staff;

Network of LGBTQ2S Academic Staff; and

Network of Women Academic Staff.

Members of the four networks will be consulted electronically by the CAUT Equity Committee and/or the Executive as needed in order to help CAUT advance equity among its members, within the Association and within our universities and colleges. The two members of the new Equity Committee from each of these four marginalized groups will serve as the liaison between their respective networks and the Equity Committee.

The USFA Executive would like to have two members involved in each of these networks and in order to do so we are seeking USFA members for the Network of Academic Staff with Disabilities; the Network of Racialized Academic Staff; and the Network of LGBTQ2S Academic Staff. We want to have USFA involvement on these networks going forward, but for now we are only asking for a commitment to the end of June 2015.

If you are a member of one of these groups and interested in participating in the CAUT Network, simply let us know in a reply to this email.

Some of you already active in CAUT may have been contacted directly about participating in these networks. To better support USFA involvement in these Networks and efforts to advance equity, if you have been contacted, please let us know.