University Council 2:30 Feb 27 Arts 241

The next meeting of University Council is tomorrow, Thursday, February 27, at 2:30pm in Room 241 Arts (Neatby-Timlin Theatre).

At this meeting, the following motion will be considered:

“The University Council expresses non-confidence in the TransformUS process as a means of making academic decisions, and Council will therefore continue to rely on existing collegial structures and processes in making such decisions.”

This motion has the potential to dramatically change the direction of this University. It is critically important and likely controversial. We urge you to attend the University Council meeting tomorrow. Even if you are not a member of Council and cannot vote on the motion, you have a right to attend the meeting and to voice your opinions. The USFA is not in the business of setting the academic agenda, so it is contingent upon individual faculty members to exercise their rights, and to state their views, whatever they may to be.

Faculty involvement in collegial governance is paramount.