December 6 – National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women

On this day in 1989 fourteen women lost their lives at École Polytechique in Montreal because they were women. The anniversary of this tragic event has become our day to remember not only these 14 murdered women but all women who are victims of violence and to remind ourselves of the need to continue to work to end violence against women.

Sadly, violence is a well-known reality for many Canadian women and it negatively impacts our lives on campus and off:

–       On average, a woman or child is sexually assaulted every minute of every day.

–       Homicide is the number one killer of women in the workplace.

–       In the last 20 years, more than 600 Aboriginal women have gone missing or been murdered.

–       Each week, 1 to 2 women are murdered by a current or former partner.

–       Since May, there have been 6 sexual assaults against women on the Vancouver campus of UBC and the perpetrator remains at large.

–       Since 2008 there has been an average of two reported sexual assaults per year at the U of S.

Take time today to remember those 14 women who lost their lives in Montreal and all women who have suffered violence. Choose to take action on violence against women. Whether we speak out against discrimination or bullying, fight for women’s equality and economic safety or raise strong, compassionate children, every action counts.

The Canadian Labour Congress and the University of Western Ontario are launching a national survey on the impact of domestic violence on workers and workplaces. The survey is available online ( until June 6, 2014. Any worker over the age of 15 is encouraged to complete the survey, whether or not they have personally experienced or witnessed domestic violence. It is completely anonymous and takes between 10 and 30 minutes to complete. Please participate.