Facts Not Fear

The USFA does not accept the projected structural deficit of 44.5 million dollars. Our analyses indicate that any supposed structural deficit is significantly smaller and that the Employer has adopted assumptions that compound any financial problems that may exist. Once again, the strategy of creating a crisis to soften resistance is being employed.

We suspect that the Employer will attempt to close programs and units based on the position of affordability or for financial reasons. That is, Council will be asked to make decisions based on the financial information provided to them by the Employer about the so-called 44.5 million dollar structural deficit. In our view, many measures other than lay-offs can be adopted to solve a structural deficit, should one even exist.

Because our members have a significant role to play in the decisions of Council, the USFA will provide a series of communications educating our members about the University financial position as we understand it. When it comes to the elimination of programs and corresponding lay-offs, council decisions must be based on facts not fear.