Sabattical/Administrative Leave and the Incentive Plan for Retirement

Some Association Members who are eligible and planning to apply for the Incentive Plan for Retirement may be tempted to forego their applications for sabbatical or administrative leave in 14/15 because those dates are past the planned early retirement date of June 30, 2014.  The Executive of the USFA strongly advises members to make such applications for the following reasons:

1)             We do not know if more than 80 members will apply for the Plan. If 80 or less apply, all will be accepted but one-year deferrals are possible.

2)             We do not know how many applications will be deferred for one-year by the Provost.

3)             If more than 80 apply, we do not know which members with the lower number of age plus years of service will be denied.

Enquiries may be directed to Jim Cheesman, Senior Professional Officer, at 306-966-5618 or e-mail him at