Cutbacks and Faculty

The USFA Executive has heard concerns expressed by members about the possibility of faculty lay-offs as our senior administrators address their current budget issues.

There are no faculty lay-offs projected at this time for the New Year.

Any cuts in programming must follow the provisions in Article 29.5.2 of the Collective Agreement with respect to changes in academic priorities of the University and must first be approved by University Council. We have a strong Collective Agreement that makes reducing the faculty work force a careful and complex endeavour.

However, while it can be said that no cuts in faculty are imminent, it cannot be said that they will not occur. Through the next 4 years there will be program reviews and it may be that program cuts will be deemed necessary in order to make up the targeted deficit of $45 million.

There is information provided on the website below that addresses some commonly asked questions about the current plans for deficit cutting.