Grievance Matters

The 2012-2013 academic year is starting out as a busy one for the Association Grievance Committee (AGC).

Two arbitrations are scheduled for the fall. One concerns the assignment of duties in the Library and the other is a continuation of the legal issues raised when the former President overturned a decision of a Renewal and Tenure Appeal Committee.

Association Grievance Officers are currently engaged in representing faculty in a harassment investigation, a complaint under the Research Integrity Policy and other matters involving faculty including the administration of research accounts, professional payments for clinical services, and the conduct of faculty in collegial affairs.

In these situations, AGC ensures that the rights of members afforded by the Collective Agreement are protected and appropriate processes are adhered to as resolutions are sought.

The USFA has very knowledgeable members on the AGC. In addition to our Senior Grievance Officer, Larry Stewart, we have Chris Adams, Ray Stephanson, Valerie Korinek, Don Hamilton and Susan Fowler-Kerry.

Backing up our Grievance Committee members are two exceptionally skilled USFA staff in Jim Cheesman and Maureen Fryett. Jim, a former USFA member who was employed at the U of S for 26 years, is the USFA Senior Professional Officer. He is a former senior grievance officer and was chief negotiator in our last two rounds of Bargaining. Maureen is the USFA Professional Officer. She brings with her 6 years with the USFA, 17 years with Service Employees International Union and a law degree.

Our Grievance Committee is an integral part of the USFA, but much of what it does is not readily apparent because of the confidential nature of its work. You should feel free to contact the USFA with questions or concerns. Discussions with AGC members or other USFA representatives are confidential.