April 9, 2012 – General Academic Assembly, Noon, Convocation Hall

The USFA Executive Committee is always advising and encouraging members to get involved, not just in the USFA but in the governance of the University. One of the easiest ways to be involved in University governance is to make a point of attending the annual meeting of the General Academic Assembly (GAA). This year, the GAA meeting is scheduled for Monday, April 9, 2011.

The General Academic Assembly (GAA) is a component of University governance established by the University of Saskatchewan Act. It is composed of all faculty members, specific University administrators and several student representatives, with the President of the University serving as chair. Quorum is 150 members. The GAA is required to meet once per year. At this meeting the President reports on the state of the University and any other matters that the President considers appropriate.

The Act gives the GAA the ability to deal with matters referred to it by Senate, the Board or Council, appoint members to committees, and make recommendations to the Senate, the Board or Council on any matters falling within their responsibilities. The GAA can also require Council to reconsider decisions to establish or disestablish colleges, departments or institutes, as well as decisions about affiliation or federation with other educational institutions. The GAA also has the power to dissolve Council.

The GAA is not just a body that comes together once a year to hear a report from the President, nor is it a body that only exercises the powers afforded it through the Act. The GAA is an opportunity to join your colleagues from across campus and engage in an open dialogue with the highest level of University administration.

More details about the GAA can be found on the website for the University Secretary (http://www.usask.ca/university_secretary/gaa/index.php)