Faculty Associations support STF job action

On Monday, the USFA, University of Regina Faculty Association (URFA), Saskatchewan Polytechnic Faculty Association (SPFA), and Saskatchewan Teacher’s Federation (STF) held a joint press conference on the state of funding for education in Saskatchewan. (View the press conference here.)

Whether it is early childhood and primary or post-secondary education, we share the same concerns and the same challenges. All levels are experiencing increased classroom complexity, increased classroom sizes, and increased workload brought on by ineffective and unpredictable funding from the provincial government.

Announcements of funding increases coming as part of the next provincial budget are not enough. The Provincial Government needs to move away from its position that class size and complexity cannot be included a collective agreement, and confirm its commitments in a legal agreement that cannot be changed by political whim: the governments deal lays out how after this year, funding is subject to appropriation, meaning it can be withdrawn for use in other areas.

The USFA fully supports STF in their job action. Their students are, and will be, our students. Complexities that are not addressed in the K-12 system become complexities in the postsecondary system, preventing students from reaching their potential. Increasing numbers of students require accommodations when they arrive at university, often because of learning needs that were not met earlier.

We encourage you to do what you can to support STF by:

  • Walking the picket line with STF members. If you are in one of the communities where strikes are taking place, join STF members on the picket line on your lunch break or in your free time.
  • Signing up for Tell Them Tuesday. Join teachers, parents and concerned citizens in advocating weekly for high-quality public schools in Saskatchewan.
  • Signing up for updates. Hear about the issues directly from STF.