Important Report: Joint Workload Committee

As part of the December 2021 agreement to extend the 2017-2022 Collective Agreement, the Employer and the Association established a Joint Workload Committee to gather information about workload from the Employer and Association members across campus, and to make recommendations for procedures, criteria, and mechanisms that could be put in place to address concerns expressed by the Employer and/or Association members about workload decisions.

The Committee consisted of three representatives from the Employer: Dean of Engineering S. Kresta (Employer Co-Chair), Dean of Nursing S. Richter, Vice-Dean Faculty Relations Arts & Science J. Blakley, and three representatives from the Association: P. Downe, Archaeology & Anthropology (USFA Co-Chair), E. Quinlan, Sociology, D. Parker, Small Animal Clinical Sciences.

The Joint Workload Committee has completed its work and submitted its report to the USFA and to the Employer. This is an important report to read.

The report has two parts, Part 1 by USFA representatives and Part 2 by Employer representatives, and while there are definite differences in what each part contains, common recommendations can be drawn from the report.

The USFA Executive would like to thank its representatives on the Joint Committee for their excellent work.

The Executive would also like to thank all of you who participated in information gathering undertaken by our representatives.

Read the report here.