Be the voice of experience and change

The University Secretary recently emailed an invitation for nominations to replace 46 faculty members of University Council whose terms expire on June 30, 2023.  Deadline for nominations is February 24th at 4:30 p.m. If you wish to nominate yourself or have been nominated by a colleague, you can go to the following link to fill out the form and provide a 250-word or less description of yourself and why you want to be on Council:

University Council committees provide academic oversight and direction on numerous issues such as the granting of degrees, diplomas and certificates; approval of all academic programs, new programs, and program deletions; qualifications for admission; library policies; and the university’s physical and budgetary plans; to name a few.

The U of S Act sets out the faculty member composition of the council. Faculty participation is vital to provide important advocacy for collegial governance that is fair, effective, and responsive to the needs and rights of faculty and students. Each college is entitled to two representatives. One of them need not be the dean.

The University Council votes on important decisions that affect the work of faculty. Get involved by adding your voice and experience to the process while protecting collegial governance!