Salary Review Reporting Requirements

The Collective Agreement requires that Department and College Salary Committees report their rankings, decisions, and reasons to members of their unit. These reports are an important part of ensuring a fair, inclusive, and transparent process. They serve to document the distribution of special increases across the full range of faculty duties and help members determine whether or not to appeal to the President’s Review Committee.

To clarify minimum disclosure standards required from Department and College Salary Committees, the USFA and the Employer have developed a reporting protocol (available on the USFA website). Following is a summary:

  • Information from the relevant salary review form (Salary Review Form 1 for Departments or Salary Review Form 2 for non-departmentalized Colleges), or the form itself, must be made available to employees in the unit by either distributing it or making it available for review on request.
  • Forms 1 and 2 must include the Committee rationale for an award or recommendation, and a summary of evidence with enough detail to allow comparison with other unit members. See examples here.
  • Committee decisions must be reported in a priority ranking order that includes all employees in the unit independent of whether an award was made. 

In addition to developing a reporting protocol, the USFA and the employer have discussed salary review reporting requirements at JCMA, particularly what is necessary when it comes to reporting rankings. It is acceptable for more than one employee to receive the same ranking when they are not receiving or being recommended for merit

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