Update: Reimbursement of Airfare

There appears to have been some developments in recent months regarding airfare reimbursement.

While we are waiting for confirmation from the Employer, based on changes to the Airfare section of Expense Guidelines, our understanding is approved travel can be booked through any service provider. There is no longer a statement in the Guidelines that Concur or Direct Travel must be used in order for airfare to be reimbursed. Guidelines now state: 

It is recommended that airfare either be booked through Concur or Direct Travelas these are the approved USask travel booking processes.

We suggest you read the section of the Guidelines dealing with airfare and that you look for airfare through Concur because the Guidelines state: 

Airfare booked outside of Concur or Direct Travel will be reimbursed up to an amount not exceeding the economy rate when traveling by the most direct route. Exceptions to this policy are allowed where an individual has medical reasons that require other arrangements.

Whenever possible, travelers should take advantage of discounts by booking seat sales and excursion fares. If fares have been arranged at lower than economy rates which necessitate staying over an extra night, the extra accommodation and meal costs may be claimed if overall cost savings are still realized compared to flying on preferred dates at economy rates.

If you can find lower airfare through another service provider, you should save a screen shot of what you find via Concur and what you find via the other service provider to show that Concur’s airfare is more expensive. The Employer says on the concur log-in page that: 

Employees should contact ConnectionPoint prior to making university-related travel arrangements to ensure proper approvals are in place and the booking process for USask-funded travel is being followed.

Please keep us informed of any reimbursement denials.