Feeling Pressure to Retire? It’s your decision

We are again hearing that some faculty members are being contacted by their deans or department heads to discuss their plans for retirement. And again, these meetings have been requested absent any indication or notice from the faculty member that they are even contemplating retirement at this time.

Many USFA members are upset by what they view as unwarranted inquiries or even pressure to contemplate a planned retirement date. 

USFA has long fought the Employer’s erroneous perception that older faculty are part of a “problem” that needs to be managed. Even with the recent agreement that includes incentive provisions for voluntary retirements, attempts to persuade or cajole older faculty to retire are wrong. 

Ageism poorly disguised is still discrimination and can fall afoul of provincial law.

If you are targeted with a request to attend one of these meetings or find yourself a part of one, simply respond by advising that when you have decided to retire, the employer will be notified in accordance with the provisions of the collective agreement.  Until that time comes, your plans are not something you care to discuss. If Deans persist in speaking with you about this topic, ask to have an Association representative present.