USFA supports UMFA

Faculty at the University of Manitoba are into week three of their strike. Information on the union’s website states: “The University of Manitoba Faculty Association (UMFA) has reached an impasse with the University’s administration after mediation failed to produce an agreement that prioritized faculty recruitment and retention.” UMFA presented a final offer, which was not accepted by university administration.

On November 5, USFA Chair Patricia Farnese joined other “flying pickets” from across Canada and walked the picket line with striking UMFA members. Unless a settlement is reached, she will be among flying pickets joining UMFA members again this Friday. 

We support UMFA’s efforts to push for a fair deal and our Executive Committee has voted to contribute $2,000 per week to UMFA’s strike fund until the strike is over. 

Visit UMFA’s “Negotiations in the News” to learn more about what’s happening.