Travel Expense Reimbursements and Professional Expense Allowance (APEF)

Travel Expense Reimbursements

Recently, there have been multiple communications from university administration stating that airfare for approved travel will not be reimbursed unless booked through Concur or Direct Travel, “USask’s preferred travel provider.” In addition to this statement being inconsistent with the University’s Travel Policy and information contained in the U of S Service Catalogue regarding procurement and travel and expense reimbursement, it is contrary to what Employer representatives have told us at JCMA. 

While university policy states travel must be approved in advance, that travel expenses must relate to university business, travel should be the most economical that can be arranged and reimbursement should be requested in a timely fashion, policy does not state flights must be booked through Concur or Direct Travel. In addition, as agreed by the employer at JCMA, there are times when booking flights through alternative service providers makes more sense, for example, traveling to remote locations, travel modification mid-trip, particularly when its “after hours,” or finding more economical flights. 

The Association’s view is that if expenses for approved travel comply with the Travel Policy there should be no reason for reimbursement to be denied. 

We are working with the employer to have communications corrected and get reimbursement denials overturned. If your expenses for approved travel have been denied, please let us know in a reply to this email. 

Watch for our next issue of Collectively Speaking about what the Association is hearing from members about how the mandating of campus services is impeding the work of faculty. 

Professional Expense Allowance (APEF)

We continue to hear from members that claims for professional expenses are being denied. If that is your experience, or if you have not submitted an expense claim because you have been told it is ineligible for reimbursement, please let us know in a reply to this email.