Reminder: One-time taxable allocation from APEFs available to USFA members

May 14 is the deadline for the first opportunity to request a one-time allowance from your accountable professional expense funds to help defray expenses associated with establishing a home office/remote workspace to conduct teaching, research, and related professional activities. Funds will be added to June 15 payroll. The next and only other opportunity to make a request for this allowance will be from May 15 to July 30 and funds will be added to your September 15 payroll.

Requesting this one-time allowance is optional and does not change the nature of professional expense accounts from a non-taxable benefit to a taxable benefit on a permanent basis. The maximum amount you can request is $2200 and is dependent on the balance of your APEF. Please ensure you haveĀ sufficient funds to cover the request and the employer portions of statutory deductions (i.e CPP, EI). This use of the APEF is on a one-time basis only.

Information on how to request funds is available through PAWs.