There’s more to teaching assignments than number of credit units

In many units, only the number of credit units is used to determine equity of teaching workloads. However, credit units do not accurately reflect what that workload entails and if it is part of an equitable assignment of duties (Article 11.4). There is far more to take into consideration when it comes to assigning teaching, including:

  • the nature of the course 
  • course level and its enrollment
  • the methods of instruction and evaluation
  • whether the instructor has taught the course before
  • academic coaching, counseling, and mentoring
  • consultation with students
  • curriculum and course development
  • supervising academic and teaching assistants
  • laboratory demonstration or supervision and tutorials
  • supervisory and committee work that is part of graduate and undergraduate teaching
  • independent study courses
  • non-teaching terms
  • teaching in other units through joint appointments or associate memberships