One-time taxable allocation from APEFs available to USFA members

USFA members now have the option to request a one-time allowance from their accountable professional expense funds to help defray expenses associated with establishing a home office/remote workspace to conduct teaching, research, and related professional activities. The maximum amount you can request is $2200 and is dependent on the balance of your APEF. The request may be made only once and any funds received are subject to the same deductions as regular pay. 

There will be two opportunities to request these funds. We expect the first opportunity to request the funds will be available until May 14, 2021, and these will be included with payroll on June 15. The second opportunity will take place at a time that allows APEF allocations for the next academic year (2021-2022) to be used for this purpose. 

The USFA Executive carefully considered participation in this option. It is not a resolution to the grievance regarding the employer’s denials of reimbursements from APEFs. It is also without precedent or prejudice to the continued use of the APEF in the manner in which the funds have always been used. 

Watch for information on how to request this one-time allowance. Connection Point will contact anyone who previously requested these funds and was denied due to prior ineligibility in order to determine if the member would still like to participate.