Pre-approved IT Hardware Purchases for faculty

list of pre-approved hardware has been finalized by IT Acquisitions in an effort to have purchases and approvals proceed more smoothly. This list itemizes hardware purchases or reimbursements that should not be denied by ConnectionPoint, but it is not comprehensive and if you find your request is denied, you should reach out to IT Acquisitions ( 

Note that purchases made with a research fund or a faculty APEF, or that have a reasonable justification approved by the faculty member’s Department Head or by the Chief Executive of their College or School are eligible for reimbursement. These devices must adhere to all applicable USask policies, including financial, department, and research controls and existing oversights but will not require a specific hardware review by ICT.

This list is one positive step in helping to remove the impediments that faculty have faced for close to a year while required to work remotely. However, a number of issues with purchases continue to obstruct faculty’s ability to do their work. We believe the employer continues to deny reimbursements from professional expense and research accounts for purchases of items that previously have been approved for reimbursement, such as software or subscriptions (e.g. Grammarly, Endnote, and Dropbox), phones and phone plans, internet services, or office furnishings and supplies. 

The Association has filed a grievance on these denials, and we continue to gather information in support from members. 

Have you been denied reimbursement from APEF/research funds since the pandemic began? Or, have you been informed that you can use the APEF toward purchase of a mobile device but only as a taxable benefit? If so, please provide us with details.

Has the same or similar expense been reimbursed in the past? Has it been denied?

Prior to the pandemic, had you purchased equipment that you use at home/off campus and been reimbursed from your APEF? Did you complete the “equipment used off campus” form confirming you will receive only incidental benefit from the equipment?

Since the pandemic began, have you purchased equipment for use at home/off campus and been denied reimbursement from APEF/research funds? Did you complete the form confirming you will receive incidental benefit from the equipment?

At what point in the submission process are APEF/research expense claims being denied? Is the expense denied by your Department Head? Dean? Connection Point? IT?

What purchase(s) have you requested approval/reimbursement for? How did you plan to use it/them for research, teaching, or administrative work?

If you have any examples to share with us, simply let us know in a reply to this email.