Question the narrative

While the operating grant from the Provincial Government is less than what it has been and the costs associated with being a medical-doctoral university are not decreasing, the University of Saskatchewan is not in financial jeopardy. 

The university’s financial statements in the most recent Annual Financial Report shows a positive balance in the General Fund at April 30, 2020 (p. 23). The Report also shows (p. 9) that the Capital Fund of the university, which accounts for activities related to the acquisition of and improvements to capital assets and major renovations, at $1,451.9 million represents 62% of the net resources of the organization after all obligations have been met. 

The university’s capital assets include significant parcels of commercial land. To be clear, while the university’s holdings include land that is used for the research and teaching programs of our members, the USFA does not in any way advocate a path that would have a negative impact on those programs.

Question the narrative circulating right now that equates faculty positions with budget deficits created through the debacle that is Resource Centre Management and TABBS.