Have you taken vacation this year?

According to the Collective Agreement (Article 19), you are entitled to six weeks of annual paid vacation, unless your appointment is less than full time in which case your vacation entitlement is pro-rated. Unlike most workers, you do not earn your vacation. It is available to you on the effective date of your appointment. 

Your vacation normally is to be taken between the regular academic terms, during the months of May through August. However, you can arrange to take vacation at another time of the year provided your absence will not conflict with your normal duties. You need to arrange your vacation with your Department Head in a departmentalized college or with your Dean in a non-departmentalized college (Article 11.3.3).

Unused vacation is not paid out and, under normal circumstances, you cannot accumulate vacation entitlement from one year to the next.

The last 12 months have been anything but normal.

We encourage you to take your vacation. In the event you were not able to take your vacation July-December 2020, or cannot January-June 2021, request to carry over unused vacation and notify us if you have problems getting a carry over.