Promotion Committees

Dear Colleagues. 

It has come to our attention that there is confusion in your college about promotion committees. 

The position of the Association, which we have conveyed to the Employer, is that processes set out in the Collective Agreement do not apply to non-university employees. These processes, which include committee composition, are negotiated terms and conditions of employment and do not apply to faculty in the College of Medicine who are not university employees. 

For procedural clarity, there should be separate meetings to consider promotion cases for faculty covered by the Collective Agreement and faculty who are not. 

While you do have a responsibility to participate in collegial process committees as set out in the Collective Agreement, your participation in promotion committees for non-university employees is not required by our Collective Agreement. Like other university committees, your decision to participate should consider your availability, workload, expertise, and interest. 

Should you have questions, let us know in a reply to this email and someone will contact you.