Assignment of Duties: Annual meeting and equitability

This is the time of year when the process for the Assignment of Duties is underway. Provisions for the assignment of duties are covered in Article 11 of the Collective Agreement.

Department Heads, or Deans in non-departmentalized Colleges, “following consultation and discussion with faculty at a meeting,” assign duties. This annual meeting is an important part of the process. It requires the participation of faculty to ensure transparency and fairness. A discussion of workloads means that you understand your workload in comparison to your colleagues, and how equal is not necessarily equitable.

Find out when your Department or College is meeting to discuss the assignment of duties and be sure to attend.

Read the factsheet, “Equitability in the Assignment of Duties.” It offers some information and advice from the perspective of an experienced Department Head.

If you have any questions or concerns about the Assignment of Duties process, or other provisions of the Collective Agreement, simply let us know in a reply to this email and someone will contact you.