Notable Bargaining Events at other Universities

It has been a challenging two years for many Canadian faculty at the bargaining table. You may be interested in the following outcomes.

Most recently, Carleton faculty have reached an agreement after hundreds of hours and one year of collective bargaining, with the assistance of a mediator. Details will be reported soon.

Earlier this month, the University of Manitoba Faculty Association (UMFA) and its members received an apology and more from the University of Manitoba administration for committing an unfair labour practice. Senior administration there will pay the maximum fine as directed by the Labour Board: $2,000 to each member of the Association, and $2000 to UMFA for withholding important information from the Association during bargaining in 2016, with a total price tag of more than $2 million.

In secret talks with the University government, the Pallister government imposed a one-year deal with a 0% salary increase. At the direction of government, the senior administration at U of M kept this information from the Association for weeks, revealing it only a few days before the strike deadline.

If you are interested in the state of bargaining nationally, the USFA’s homepage displays our Twitter feed, which reports this and similar items.