Grievance Filed Regarding Appointment of a Senior Administrator

The Association has filed a grievance with respect to the recommendation for tenure and rank after a decanal level appointment.

This is not a personal attack on the qualifications of the unit leader, but a matter of upholding the integrity of the collegial processes defined in our Collective Agreement and protecting the jurisdiction of the search and tenure committee in every academic unit.

Existing procedures require that where a Senior Administrator seeks an academic appointment to coincide with an appointment to the administration, the search committee of the appropriate academic unit must be canvased in advance of any appointment. In addition, where the Senior Administrator has not previously held a tenured position, the prospective candidate could be appointed on probation or external reviews sought to demonstrate that our standards for tenure have been met.

To resolve this grievance, USFA is asking that the award of tenure and rank of full professor be vacated for this individual.