Concerns about UnivRS CVs addressed

Some time ago, as part of the UnivRS project, the University undertook to convert curricula vitae of faculty members to a standard format. The process of conversion has not proceeded as quickly as anticipated, and many faculty members have shared concerns with us about errors in the data entry process, limitations with the software, and standardized formats that do not necessarily appreciate disciplinary variation.

Challenges are common enough with technology rollouts. However, an immediate concern of many faculty is whether the UnivRS CV must nonetheless be used for this year’s collegial processes.

It has been confirmed to us that until the problems are addressed, other CV formats are acceptable. The Collective Agreement specifically references the 2013 guidelines (29 point form); the University has indicated preference for the 24 point form (that eventually UnivRS will use), and the Association has no objection to those who have completed the conversion.